Podcast for creative business owners

The Modern Creative Podcast was created by Dianuh and Joyce to connect with other creative entrepreneurs to have real conversations about life, business and everything in between.

Join in as we converse with movers and shakers in the the world of small business and learn their best tips & tricks on how they got to where they are today.

We're here to tell you, it is absolutely possible to be successful as a modern creative and we want to help you to go after your own creative dreams.


Dianuh is the owner & designer of Chasing Linen, a Los Angeles based design studio specializing in custom wedding stationery, watercolor portraits and calligraphy.

What started as a blog and personal side project turned into a full time creative career offering wedding suite design and live art services and an online shop. 

You can find out more about Dianuh here.

modern creative podcast
moder creative podcast

Joyce is the owner of Modern Creative Pursuits, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Originally started as a creative outlet from Joyce's day job in tech, Modern Creative Pursuits has turned into her full time job where she offers online courses, live workshops, and business coaching for fellow creatives.

You can find out more about Joyce here.