EP 011: Publishing a creative book with Jess Park

In today’s episode of the Modern Creative Podcast we chat about publishing a creative book with Jess Park, author of Watercolor Lettering.

[02:15] What’s your background & how did the book deal come to be?

[04:06] What’s the writing/publishing process like?

[06:15] Working with an editor

[08:10] What did you do & what did you outsource?

[11:54] Adding your personality + creating connection

[16:51] Promoting a book + insecurities

[20:57] Celebrating your wins, your way

[23:33] Teaching in a book vs workshop

[24:49] Jess’ biz + saying no sometimes

[28:00] Teaching what you know

[32:40] Tips for beginning artists + authors

[34:25] Connect with Jess

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Barnes & Noble

Music by Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud

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