EP 016: Creating genuine connection and community on Instagram | Eunice of Electric Eunice

In today’s episode of the Modern Creative Podcast we chat with Eunice of Electric Eunice about creating real connection that turns followers into a community. Eunice also shares tips about growing your following.

[01:45] Eunice’s intro

[02:28] The meaning behind the name + AIM days

[04:45] Eunice’s Instagram beginnings + documenting your journey

[11:20] Fears around putting yourself/your work out there

[12:26] Taking IG more seriously

[14:05] Shifting your focus, follower feedback + listening to followers

[15:45] Encouraging conversation with your followers

[18:03] Second guessing what you share + backlash

[26:10] Tips for showing more of yourself + getting visible

[30:24] Tips for growing your following

[35:55] IG stories vs IG live

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