EP 018: Staying true to your why | Nicole Miyuki Santo

In today’s episode of the Modern Creative Podcast we chat with Nicole Miyuki Santo about staying true to your why, yourself and your mission. We also have a special giveaway so check out the details below.

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[01:40] Introducing Nicole
[02:30] Nicole’s backstory + discovering purpose
[05:45] How Nicole got to where she is
[10:00] Teaching others, imposter syndrome + saying yes
[12:00] Your why can shift, Nicole’s current purpose + serving others
[15:30] Saying yes + sharing what’s in your heart
[18:45] Bridging a gap with lettering
[19:50] Saying no + creating space for yourself
[26:25] Why having a big why is important in life and biz
[32:00] Allowing yourself to feel + process
[35:40] Tips for staying mindful

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Music by Joakim Karud

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