EP 020: Quitting your day job because you have to (and turning to art) | Susan Chiang

In today’s episode of the Modern Creative Podcast we chat with Susan Chiang of Rae + Lily about what happens when you HAVE to quit your day job due to health vs WANTING to quit your day job - and turning to art in order to heal.

[01:44] Going from architect to creative business owner + health concerns

[08:01] Turning to art + finding community

[10:45] Transitioning from hobby to side business

[15:30] Honing in on your niche when you’re multi passionate

[20:18] Tips to leaving your job + hindsight

[23:40] “Failing” and taking responsibility, good + bad

[25:45] Struggling with business ownership

[31:35] Being fearless + letting go of being a perfectionist

[36:40] Pushing past hurdles in your business in order to succeed

[37:50] Dealing with thoughts of quitting + the easy way out

Quitting scene mentioned :)

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Music by Joakim Karud

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