about the speakers

Nicole Miyuki is a freelance artist, graphic designer, teacher, and the author of two hand lettering books - By Hand: The Art of Modern Lettering and The Kids’ Book of Hand Lettering.

Starting in 2015, she began teaching in-person workshops to students who were curious about the hand lettering craze. She’s taught over 1,000 students in-person and online at all levels and all backgrounds, from those who consider themselves to be creative to those who have never picked up a paint brush before in their life.

She is a kind spirit and truly believes that everyone, kids and adults included, can enjoy using their own two hands to create. You can find her online at nicolemiyuki.com and on Instagram @nicolemiyuki.

Christa Timil is an educator, brand designer and strategist and the one-woman force behind Studio Keyes Creative.

Her philosophy is entrepreneurship is attainable for anyone who wants it and is willing to put in the work. Christa guides entrepreneurs in this work by helping them understand the process of building a successful brand and designing intentional visual identities for them.

You can find Christa online at studiokeyes.com and on Instagram @studiokeyes.

Sammi is a social media strategist, SquareSpace designer, and photographer located in Southern California.

She helps woman owned brands craft their visual story on social media so they can reach their dream clients

Her passion lies in helping entrepreneurs create a financial abundance off of their passion by utilizing social media.

You can find Sammi at sammisocial.com and on Instagram @sammisocial.

Natalia Amador is a Business + Online Marketing Coach who helps women launch and scale profitable online businesses that are designed around their dream life. She is a lover of cheesy jokes, the best guacamole-maker you’ll ever meet and loves finding ways to give back and make a difference in the world.

When she isn’t helping others build their dream business online, she enjoys doing some creative writing while drinking freshly brewed cups of cafecito (coffee), shopping and cooking.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she was born and raised. You can learn more about her and how to work with her at socialbusinessbosses.com.

Eunice Park is a business consultant who specializes in creating organizational systems to take creative businesses to the next level. Her services range from consulting entrepreneurs on business strategy to running a team of Virtual Project Managers for her clients.

Her passion lies in helping creative business owners go from overwhelm to finally feeling they have a handle on their day to day business. Streamlining workflows, creating manuals and creating spreadsheets are her jam!

Eunice resides in Sunny Southern California with her husband and two children Haddon and Betty. She enjoys making matcha lattes at home, having dance parties with her kids and reading books...lots of them.

You can find out more about her and how to work with her at eunicepark.com and on Instagram @eunicempark.